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Bus Vipers’ ‘CSIRO Weeds’ Is The Strangest Thing You’ll Watch Today

It’s just a common fact that Future Classic know how to pick the best talent from the country. With their new signee, Bus Vipers, the label extend their arm further out from bonkers dance music, to experimental pop music–and there are no complaints here.

Sydney based multi-instrumentalist Bus Vipers, born Daniel Ahern, first began making makes under his musical moniker in 2013 with breakout single, Orby and Lonely Ghost. So, what has Bus Vipers been up to these last four years? CSIRO Weeds, the musician’s first single to be taken from upcoming EP, ‘Federal Highway’, answers that very question.

Texturally masterful and dripping in disillusionment, CSIRO Weeds is Bus Vipers in his own skin creating music he’s always wanted to. As a medium in genre, the song is untouchable to describe but excels in bright colours and stunning musical landscapes. Bus Vipers said on the track,

“CSIRO Weeds references the group-think that can college life can create and the film clip video picks up this theme as I am pursued by three homogenised, grey figures. The film clip also takes on the themes of my music more generally. I am haunted by my identity – different pasts and futures and different masks that I have had to wear. I try to federate my different experiences and interests into one whole person.”

Stream CSIRO Weeds below and prepare for complete musical madness. Bus Vipers’ debut EP, ‘Federal Highway’ is released in September this year via Future Classic.

Written by Jake Wilton