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Canada’s Royal Canoe Drop Mishmashing “Bicycle” Video Clip


Canadian indie-pop group Royal Canoe has dropped their new track Bicycle, the second single from their newly-released sophomore album ‘Something Got Lost Between Here And The Orbit’, and it comes with a quirky new colourful animated video.

The off-kilter track features a bit of everything electronic, encompassing high-pitched chiming, rough rhythmic vocals, and all the funky sampling the 6-piece are known for. Among the random storyline, the lyrics ask the real life questions including the ultimate brain puzzle “did we become who we are by watching them die in a mason jar?”.

The accompanying video is every bit the visual mishmash you’d imagine from a Royal Canoe track, aligning perfectly with the rhythm and beat. The video follows hand-drawn characters in their colourful world, where imagery and words blend together in a kaleidoscope of trippy patterns. The animated clip has us intrigued and fascinated by the effortless cohesion of characters, words, and graphics.

Check out the Bicycle video below and if it tickles your fancy, check out Royal Canoe’s sophomore album ‘Something Got Lost Between Here And The Orbit’, out now!