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Castlecomer Release Weirdly Wonderful New Music Video For “Judy”

Sydney Indie rockers Castlecomer have just dropped the music video for their single Judy. The track is taken from their soon-to-be released EP ‘All of the Noise’ and is more weird and wonderful than we could’ve ever expected.

The black and white video first introduces us to a girl entering her bathroom, weary eyed and looking how we all do in the morning. The video starts in silence as she moves closer to camera with the audience’s perspective as her mirror.

A subtle bass drum kicks off with strong accompanying vocals when she smiles to show the bright gold grill on her teeth. Bede Kennedy’s voice hits us with a raw yet angelic sound while the guitar gives off a dark and groovy psychedelic edge.

Doing what all girls do in the bathroom, the girl dances in her robe pretending her toothbrush is a microphone and toilet is a stage. While the song speaks of a messed up relationship, you’re probably too busy groovin’ along to get too deep about it.

During each chorus we get to actually see Castlecomer, only they strangely appear in the girl’s mouth. They dance and sing while the girl dances with her mouth wide open. As the last chorus builds up, the girl then takes off her robe to reveal a metallic outfit.

This is when the real psychedelia of the band come out. Upon opening the door, a number of vividly coloured mouths start singing. In true 80’s style, the black and white girl dances amongst the colours as Judy continues. The clip ends with the girl running back into the bathroom and closing the door, putting her robe back on and brushing her teeth (again). She places the toothbrush down simultaneously with the end of the song and smirks, exiting the room out of focus.

Even though you’re probably not entirely sure what you just watched, Castlecomer got you dancing along anyway. If you want to groove to this whacky band live (and you definitely do), you can catch them on their upcoming ‘All of the Noise’ national tour. Music video and tour dates below!

Castlecomer ‘All of the Noise’ National Tour

Rad Bar, Wollongong NSW
Transit Bar, Canberra
The Reverence Hotel, Melbourne
Manning Bar, Sydney
The Brightside, Brisbane
The Northern Hotel, Byron Bay

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