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Ceres Release Fresh Music Video For Single “Laundry Echo”


Alternative-punk quartet Ceres have released the music video for their new infectious single Laundry Echo. The track from the Melbourne lads is the second from their forthcoming sophomore album ‘Drag It Down On You’, and is a heavier track compared to their previous releases.

Laundry Echo is a dynamically diverse track; it’s quiet, then it’s loud, there’s everybody playing, and then nobody’s playing. It echoes the vibes of fellow Aussie acts Luca Brasi and The Smith Street Band, predominantly due to vocalist Tom Lanyan’s accent, giving plenty character to the band’s sound.

The bass and rhythm guitar mutually sound great and lay down some tasty punk melodies to rock out to. If you’re wondering what a Ceres show is like, then the music video for Laundry Echo has got you covered. A black and white video of their most recent pumping live show is full of head-banging moshers and stage dives.

On the single, Lanyan said “I wrote a new song Laundry Echo about writing an old song Okay in a laundry I was in once…I know that’s confusing. Writing ‘Drag It Down On You’ was a pretty cathartic experience for me. It’s definitely the darkest stuff I’ve got out into songs…there’s a lot of death on this record.”

Laundry Echo is a much heavier track compared to previous single Happy In My Head, which didn’t quite pack the punch that the new single does. It’s great to see Ceres are taking more from their punk roots, and there’s a lot of promise for ‘Drag It Down On You’.

Ceres’ sophomore studio album ‘Drag It Down On You’ is due to be released Friday, 2nd of September, in the meantime check out the music video for Laundry Echo below!