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Chase Atlantic’s Jesse Boyle Turns His Talents To Filmmaking

The flame of Jesse Boyle’s musical passion was first kindled at a tender age of 7, when the enchanting rhythms of the drums captured his heart, courtesy of his cherished childhood show, ‘The Wiggles.’ Nurtured by the timeless sounds of legendary artists such as Elvis, The Bee Gees, and Fleetwood Mac, Jesse embraced his calling and set forth on a transformative musical odyssey. Remarkably, at the tender age of 15, he embarked on his paid journey as a musician, captivating audiences with his singular DJ-Drum performance in the vibrant nightclubs of Singapore, where his family had temporarily relocated. In those electrifying spaces, Jesse’s talent radiated, leaving an indelible mark and forging his path towards an extraordinary destiny in the realm of music.

Returning to Australia with the family, Jesse tooks his talents to nightclubs throughout the country where he caught the attention of Clinton and Mitchel from Chase Atlantic. It didn’t take long for him to join forces with the band and the rest is history.

Fast forward to 2023 and Jesse is now trying his hand at filmmaking. To celebrate the career shift, Jesse has today shared with us his favourite Australian directors and why we should check them out.

Tom Wright

An established Actor in his own right, Tom’s Directing in The Stranger (2022) is something to be marvelled at. An amazing talent on and off the screen, I’m thoroughly looking forward to whatever he decides to direct next.

Simon Harsent

Simon Harsent is an incredible visual artist out of Sydney Australia. His work in Photography really informs his visual style of Directing and telling a compelling story through images. His work on ’The Faintest Clasp’ is absolutely breathtaking. His commercial works are undeniable and of the highest calibre coming out of Australia.

His expressive works for commercials such as OPSM is marvellous as well as his work for RM Williams featuring Hugh Jackman is beyond impressive. He’s an inspiration to me and I can’t wait to see what film project he puts out next.

Joel Edgerton 

Although a big holly-wood and Australian name for his acting, many people forget that Joel is actually an incredible director. His work coming in form of The Gift (2015) and Boy Erased (2018), I hope he takes the helm of a new film soon – I’ll be one of the first to be watching!

Joshua Walker

Predominantly a Commercial Director, I first noticed Joshua Walker when I came across his commercial for the Australian Defence Force titled “What is Up?”

I saw it as a commercial in the cinemas and was absolutely blown away by it. It was emotional, exhilarating and exciting all at the same time. I can’t wait to see what he works on next.

Jane Campion

Although she’s born in New Zealand, I can’t leave Jane off this list. She’s just such an incredible talent who has rightfully won two Academy Awards. Her work on The Power of the Dog is a truly inspiring and exceptional piece of filmmaking that I implore everyone who hasn’t watched it yet to do so ASAP.

Written by John Zebra