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Chase Zera Shares Her Top 5 Essentials To Take On Night Out

Off the back of singles ‘Jealous’ and ‘Supernova’, Chase Zera cemented herself as one of Australia’s new pop talents, receiving support from KIIS, triple j, JOY, MTV, Women In Pop and many more. Chase Zera  recently returned with a new single ‘Midnight’, and after a strong start to the year, is ready to set dance floors on fire and instil self-love in her fans. Today Chase shares with us her top 5 essentials everyone needs on a big night out.


White boots

These have become my staple shoe choice on a night out. As comfortable as a sneaker, as high as a heel. No toes trodden on, no blisters. I’d say the white boots have become part of my ‘look’. You won’t often catch me in a night out in any other footwear.


Good Girl by Carolina Herrera to be exact. I’m that person who will spritz themselves with a little perfume top up at any and every opportunity on a night out. It’s what a sweaty dance floor needs.


I always have my USB’s attached to my keys in case a fun back2back DJ opportunity comes up on a night out, or if I ever need to help out another DJ in need whose USB has broken on them. It’d a common DJ thing, we take them everywhere with us and we feel a bit naked without them.

Portable charger

If I go out, I’m out for the long haul. And a dead phone is the last thing you want when your favourite song comes on at the club, when you want to take a group photo, when you want to connect online with new friends, when you want to order McDonald’s on your way home… that big brick portable charger is always by my side on a night out. I’m not ashamed to admit how useful my phone is on a night out.

Lip gloss

Because obviously no one wants to pash a stranger on the dance floor with chapped lips.

Chase Zera’s new single, Midnight is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro