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Chicken Run Q & A: Riley Pearce

Riley Pearce Press Shot

22-year-old singer-songwriter Riley Pearce is an expert on the art of escape thanks to a childhood spent travelling between Australia and Europe. When we got the chance to pick his brain, we thought it only right to quiz him on possibly the greatest escape-themed movie of all time, Chicken Run.

If you were in the situation like the chickens in ‘Chicken Run’, would you be Ginger (leader chicken), Fowler (feisty elder rooster), Babs (the chill one who loves to knit), Bunty (the cynical one), or Rocky (the roguish charmer)?

This is the weirdest thing ever because I was quoting ‘Chicken Run’ to mum this morning. Weeeeiiirrrdd…I think I’d be the idiot of the two scheming rats. Mostly due to me wanting to be involved in cunning plans but not actually having the plan myself.

Would you revolt against Mrs Tweedy and her caged farming practices, or would you accept your imminent slaughter?

Definitely revolt, ‘Prison Break’ is one of my fave TV shows so I’d be pretty keen to reenact it or at least die trying.

What breed of chicken would you be?

I have no idea of the different breeds of chickens and their differences. I’d just be a dorky ball of feathers that’s too lazy to brush them so they’d always be in a bun (does that make me a chicken burger? Chicken in a bun? Let’s move on).

How would you escape Mrs Tweedy’s farm?

Tunnel, 100 per cent tunnel. If you can’t go over you’ve got to go under!

If you were made into a pie, where would it be served and who would be eating it?

Roadhouse, some truckie. Why? Absolutely no idea…

Realistically, with your given skills and abilities, would you be able to outsmart Mrs Tweedy?

Definitely not, I’d be the chicken set to provide a decoy whilst everyone else escaped and turn around to find out they’d left me in the cage.

How did your time in the American state of Montana inspire your new EP?

Montana was a beautifully calm and picturesque environment where I was able to relax and really absorb another culture whilst learning where I wanted my music to take me and what I wanted to get from it all.

How does Brave compare to the rest of the songs on the EP?

Brave is a little heavier on the production side of things and probably the most sombre of the tracks but it’s still connected through the EP’s theme of leaving home and missing the people you’ve left behind.

Finally, why should people come see you live on your current tour?

It’s always a different experience seeing me play live than listening to the recorded tracks, each song has a unique story that I enjoy telling and I feel as though the emotion often is conveyed better in my live performances.

Riley Pearce Live Dates

The Bearded Lady, Brisbane
The Newsagency, Sydney
The Workers Club, Melbourne

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