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Chiffon Magnifique Gets Spooky With His Latest Offering ‘CYANIDE’

Gold Coast post-punk artist, Chiffon Magnifique recently unveiled his spooky single, CYANIDE. It follows on from his previous 2022 single, Ice Witch.

CYANIDE is packed with all the post-punk glory we’ve come to expect from Chiffon Magnifique. Offering some past paced drum patterns, swaying guitar work and frontman Jed A. Walters spooky and mind-altering vocal delivery, you’d be forgiven if you thought you were listening to a Joy Division unreleased B-side.

“The idea for this song came from just messing around with my mother’s old nylon string guitar, while in lockdown” exclaims Jed, “…I found these sad twangy riffs and rhythms, and imagined what the bass and drums would do in my head, and the whole song was pretty much mapped out in one day. This sad-yet-frantic mood led me to pen lyrics describing conflicts that arise within a loving relationship. I guess I was thinking about how easily the people we love can change so sharply due to the stressful surroundings of our world. If we take a look around at what has happened in the past couple of years, it’s understandable that this extra pressure would inflict tension on our relationships, sometimes leading to harsh and difficult arguments in the closed-in world of lockdown. That’s what I mean by “She’s like cyanide, she’s a warhead”…sometimes the people we love need extra care to defuse that A-bomb of stress.” – Chiffon Magnifique

The accompanying video is the ideal complement to the creative tune. Featuring scenes from Vincent Price’s 1959 public domain classic, House On Haunted Hill, it’s the perfect backdrop.

CYANIDE is available now, everywhere.

Chiffon Magnifique will be presenting CYANIDE, as well as an entire setlist of fresh material, in his up coming live shows through July.

JULY 20 – Vinnies Dive, Gold Coast w/Jake Morton

JULY 22 – O’skulligans, Brisbane w/SCRAPS & Gallery of Violence

Written by Chris Lamaro