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Chris Arnott Sings Of The Lose Of A Loved One On ‘Fighting With The Devil’

Chris Arnott makes close quarters music. He could be playing in the room opposite you, or 100 meters away to a roaring crowd, yet his presence will still be felt right there next to you. His latest, Fighting With The Devil, is the artist’s most stripped back and minimalist we’ve heard.

Fighting With The Devil was inspired by the death of a friend. According to Arnott, it’s a slow, meticulous and plodding effort that reflects the same feeling of losing a loved one. Here, Chris Arnott stripes all vanity in order to present pure emotion.

“Alas, he is just one of a growing number and it absolutely breaks my heart. I wanted a super simple approach to this song, the overall tone is quite bleak and flat, the rhodes detuned to the hilt and the timpani ostinato unrelenting, not unlike the depression that consumes too many of us. But most of all it is pretty, because, for the most part, life is,” explains Arnott.

The continuous, looping piano line is sudden and monotonous—playing into Arnott’s overall theme of the track. Paired with his flawless vocals and articulate lyrics, Arnott proves why he’s made a successful career in writing and releasing music for more than two decades. His sincerity and unbridled passion on display is heartbreaking. For that, Fighting With The Devil is a very important song.

Stream Fighting With The Devil below.

Written by Jake Wilton