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Christopher Port Delivers Groovy Two-Step Tracks “My Love” & “Sum 1”


Melbourne producer Christopher Port has released his brand new two-track featuring soulful, uplifting, and minimalistic tracks My Love and Sum 1 (His Eye Is On The Sparrow Edit).

The two-track shows Port experiment with vocals layered on minimalistic soundscapes while he showcases his knack for creating a unique blend of UK garage and two-step.

 My Love delivers an uplifting soundscape with unique waves of dance rhythms and heavy synths. Soulful chopped vocal samples are matched perfectly with nods of 90’s UK garage. The gradually building track should be a staple at any summer party this year as a razor sharp beat resonates throughout.

“Early 90’s rave music was a huge influence for this track. I love the ecstatic, feverish quality that all that music has. I’ve been listening to early rave stuff for years but have never felt like I could access all those emotions until now. I hope people can listen to this track as the sun goes down at an outdoor rave this summer,” says Port.

The late Whitney Houston’s version of the gospel hymn His Eye Is On The Sparrow is edited in Sum 1, a track which features elements of industrial percussion and unique syncopated rhythms. Soft synths act as a backbone for Port’s clever combination of two-step beat shuffling and Houston’s angelic vocals.

“For the Whitney edit, I made a beat and a few chords one day, dragged this a capella into the track and pressed play expecting for it to sound weird but I liked it and decided to leave it there.

“I thought adding anything else to the track would get in the way of the beautiful vocals, so I left it as it was. It felt like something that was meant to be, what you hear is how the track was the day I made it.”

Set for a big summer, Port will be performing at Paradise Music Festival and Melbourne Music Week before heading on tour with London trio HÆLOS and Sydney artist BUOY in January! In the meantime enjoy the melodic bliss Port has to offer in My Love and Sum 1 below….

Christopher Port Live Dates

Melbourne Music Week, Melbourne
Paradise Music Festival, Marysville
Howler, Melbourne
Oxford At Factory, Sydney

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