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Embrace Christopher Port’s Shifting Club Sonics On ‘DTF’

Christopher Port

Melbourne-based dance floor innovator, Christopher Port, has released his most propulsive and breakneck foray into club music titled, DTF.

Though Port describes the track as, “a straight up club track,” there’s so much more happening under the hoods. The moving parts to DTF is astonishing. The livewire energy and shifting sonics, coupled with his ability to texturise beats, is on full display. Lurking around all these thundering beats is the sampled vocal cues that Port slides and stretches around an array of shifting rhythmic patterns.

There’s moment I had recently at Willaris. K‘s live show where I closed my eyes, avoided the sweltering claustrophobia happening around me and solely embraced the music. It was in that moment where I discovered the truest appreciation to texture in electronic music. I broke the wall between a fabricated, electronically formed beats and realised their true organic nature. Jon Hopkins’ ‘Singularity’ relapsed that feeling for me earlier this year; as does DTF.

This August will see the release of the second and final instalment of the ‘Everything In Quotes’ releases by Christopher Port. ‘LIGHT’ is out August 3 via Future Classic/Pieater. In March, Port released a double A-side single with Annie Bass.

Stream DTF below.

Written by Jake Wilton