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Circles Raise The Roof On Their Latest EP, ‘The Stories We Are Afraid Of | Vol. 1’

Prog-metal giants, Circles last week dropped their explosive, highly anticipated EP, The Stories We Are Afraid Of | Vol. 1. The new EP comes after the massive success of the band’s previous album, The Last One, which saw them score some impressive ARIA charting and love from some of the world’s most prominent tastemakers.

The EP was primarily written and produced during Melbourne’s extensive lockdowns and touches on self-reflection and self-realisation experienced during tough times and highlights the first steps required in finding the power and ability to make positive change.

‘The Stories We Are Afraid Of | Vol. 1’: “The overarching theme of Vol.1 is one of a loss of identity and purpose, and trying to recapture a sense of wonder and passion for life that was once a core part of you. Musically, we went into these writing sessions with a focus on being more direct than on previous albums, steering away from crowding songs with heaps of different riffs for the sake of having more riffs that we personally like in there.” – Ben Rechter, Circles.

Produced by the band’s guitarist, Ted Furuhashi, this entire body of work showcases Circles’ ability to take their sound where no other band of this calibre is willing to go. Huge riffs, electrifying energy and fist-pumping moments make this EP one for the record books.

Circles’ brand new EP, The Stories We Are Afraid Of | Vol. 1, is available now everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro