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Circles Reveal Their Dynamic New Single, ‘Echo’

Naarm/Melbourne prog-metal outfit, Circles unveiled their most dynamic track yet, Echo. The new single, alongside its accompanying music video, is the third release taken from their forthcoming EP, The Stories We Are Farid Of, which is set for release on November 25th.

Echo kicks off not precisely what you would think a soaring prog-metal track would sound like. It carries elements of a modern-day pop track with an underlying fidelity that holds an enormous sense of building power. It doesn’t take for things to become anthemic; the way lifts into a vast sound, thundering stadium drums, ripping guitar riffs topped with an uplifting vocal delivery lift this one into space.

The upcoming EP, The Stories We Are Afraid Of, will be a storyline from start to finish, and Echo is just one segment within that story.

Echo is Vol. 1’s lowest point, emotionally. It deals with being well and truly at the bottom, feeling as though you deserve the hopelessness that you feel. Even if that’s not a true reflection of the situation, sometimes those inner voices block out all others with a relentless drone.” – Rechter, Circles.

Echo is a fantastic look into what is going to be a mammoth EP release. We’re very excited to hear the final polished product in November; Echo is available now everywhere.


Written by Chris Lamaro