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City Guide: Almost Sex Shine The Spotlight On Their Fave Fellow NYC Artists

Brooklyn indie-folk band Almost Sex just dropped ‘Lucille’, the lead single from their upcoming debut EP.

Amidst the early 2020 lockdowns, Nick and Warren met on a dating app, sparking a romantic relationship and artistic collaboration: Almost Sex. Creating music for “moody lyric-loving people”, the duo blends bubbly indie rock with folk, soft-rock and bedroom-pop sprinklings. Their chilled-out sound is similar to that of Angus & Julia Stone, Modest Mouse, and Alt-J, with a focus on narrative-driven lyrics, languid guitars, delicate vocal harmonies and sweet, melancholy delivery.


We wanted to hear more about the music that inspires them- check out their selection of local musicians down below!

The Mark McIntyre Syndicate
Mark McIntyre has played a number of shows with us and has also been featured prominently on a few of our singles showcasing his effortlessly unique lead guitar stylings. The Mark McIntyre Syndicate is an unforgettable experience to see live. Mark’s mind-bending compositions are bolstered by each performers’ virtuosic skill and high-octane stage presences. They have a residency at the legendary 55 Bar in LES, so check them out whenever you’re in town.

Quality Living
Nick grew up playing shows with these super-talented guys in Jersey. Their sound has gone through a couple of evolutions over the years, but it’s always retained a totally singular and razor-sharp wit that informs the instrumentation, visual aesthetic, and lyrical content. For fans of equal parts contemplative and fun indie rock, do not pass Quality Living up.

Sipper made a few memorable appearances at Nick’s old Bedstuy DIY venue before the pandemic. Since then, they’ve released a ton of excellent music and formulated a signature sound that complements lead singer Joe Behrman’s melancholically resigned croon perfectly. You might’ve heard of these guys already, but if not, definitely check them out.

Nick was in the same NYC-based weekly songwriting group (Puke Ellington) with Pantology for a time. Then and now, he’s always impressed us with his lively, complex arrangements that never fail to create a layered and relaxing sonic atmosphere. His collaboration on the track “Outside” with producer TABAL is a standout and always finds its way into our personal playlists.

Finish off that talented New York lineup with Almost Sex’s ‘Lucille’ & stay tuned for their new EP!

Written by Alice Powell