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City Guide: Nectar Show Us Around Perth With Their Favourite Venues & Local Artists

Having just released their new jam ‘Find A New Friend’, Perth band Nectar walks us through their favourite local artists and spots to catch live music.

Following on from a successful year which saw a string of singles, editorial playlist placements, support from triple j and more, the young 4-piece added another notch to their belt, signing with Perth’s Tone City Records (POND, Supathick, DICE). The psychedelic/indie-soul band sit comfortably in a similar sonic space as Tame Impala, DICE and Dope Lemon, combining indie, funk and soul grooves with disco influences to create the ultimate sunny vibe.

Find the 5 Perth musicians and 5 live music venues that Nectar love below:

Mojos bar 

Mojos Bar, Fremantle has stood the test of time (since the ’70s) for a reason! It’s safe to say that it is one of THE quintessential / must-visit venues in Perth if you love live music… It’s hosted some very big names and radiates welcoming and positive energy, we absolutely love playing there!


We absolutely love playing at El Grotto, the combination of great food, lovely staff and killer local music makes for a fun and memorable night. Every time we play a show there, we tend to always have a really fun night due to the engagement of the crowd as it feels very personal. Shoutout to Mal who always looks after us when we play at grotto, we appreciate the love. 

Indian Ocean Hotel 

The Indian Ocean Hotel has provided us ample opportunities to perform including our (and countless other amazing bands’) first gig. They are respectful and easy to work with and it’s always a good vibe there, while Scarborough can have a very mixed demographic and the Indi bar knows how to handle it. It is also home to a Toast Face Grillah outlet which is great for a pre-gig feed to fuel the set, or just to drop in and have a beer and toastie.

The Bird 

The Bird is an intimate, cozy and funky venue that we love to play at! The staff are really welcoming and the people that go there are super nice. The sound is always amazing and it’s one of the few venues in Perth that supply a drum kit, making it so very easy to play there! We’ve been lucky enough to have multiple gigs there and hopefully more to come!

Freo Social

This is a constant hotspot for the big touring acts that meander their way into Perth, and for a good reason!

Located in the heart of freo be sure to keep an eye out to catch a show in their main concert hall and then stick around after for the DJs in the courtyard bar. 


Hector Morlet

Since emerging into the scene mid-last year, Hector has amazed us and the rest of Perth by releasing a number of singles that led to a 6-track EP “Music for Squares”.

Keyboards, clarinets and grooving drums are just some of the elements that catch our ears and have us listening on repeat. We absolutely love the authenticity of his higher-ranged vocal melodies that are combined with smooth clarinet swirls, and soft percussion. 

 His songs are easy to the ear and take you to a place of peace. 


We’ve been listening to Chiseko’s tunes on repeat for weeks now. His weaving lyrics fused with soulful vocals creates serene enjoyment. His songs are so boppy and are always on shuffle when driving to work, or simply just sitting at home. 

His coming-of-age lyrics include essences of human experience, love and passion, which we can all relate to. A song of his that shines out for us is “CARE” in which he collaborated with artist ‘Your Girl Pho’. The contrasting melody’s and vocal tones create the perfect contrast that completes the song. 


Glimmer has to be one of our favourite Perth bands. Gigging around the scene for the past few years, and recently releasing two songs on Spotify, they are presenting a sound that transcends. 

We love the blend of acoustic and electric guitars, soft vocals and washy drums. 

Perfectly balanced instrumentation, as well as impassioned lyrics, are two musical elements we try to achieve and integrate when songwriting, and Glimmer display such components perfectly.

Ken Paolo and the Space Cadets

Ken Paolo and the Space Cadets write dreamy and dance-inducing songs that fill the void of silence with groove. Their music is a fusion of RnB and neo-soul that produces buttery tones and complex rhythm. We’ve been fortunate enough to be able to watch Ken and his band perform at multiple venues around Perth, and their live shows are sensational. 

KP and the SC’s have released 3 incredible tunes over the past 10 months, including their most recent song “Heads At a Hundred”. 

We LOVE the musical elements within Ken’s songs including expressive lyrics, authentic melodies and advanced instrumentation.

Each song within his discography exhibits the wide range of Ken’s songwriting abilities. 

Siobhan Cotchin

Another amazing Perth artist that we love is Siobhan Cotchin. The Alt-Rock/country singer is killing it in the WA and Australian music scene, and there are no questions as to why. 

As well as the latest release of her EP “Highways and Heartbreaks”, Siobhan has numerous successful singles ranging from powerful rock numbers to emotional ballads. 

The structural and climactic elements within each of her songs prove the singer/songwriter’s abilities to construct tracks that sound complete and perfected.

Each time we’ve been lucky enough to watch Siobhan Cotchin and her band perform live, we’ve been amazed at the presence and connection that they share on stage. They perform the songs with passion and emotion.


Dip into a relaxed Friday afternoon vibe with ‘Find A New Friend’, out everywhere now!

Written by Alice Powell