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CLAMM Drops New Single, ‘Change Enough’ Ahead of Upcoming EP

Melbourne punk trio CLAMM is back with exciting news. They’ve just announced their upcoming EP, Disembodiment, set to drop on July 19. Alongside this announcement, they’ve released a powerful new single, Change Enough.

Change Enough showcases CLAMM’s trademark style, featuring intense, repeated lyrics, driving drums from Miles Harding, and the dynamic interplay between Jack Summers’ commanding vocals and Stella Rennex’s bass and vocals. The song delves into the necessity of personal transformation, particularly through the lens of masculine experiences, and addresses the broader theme of societal inaction in times of violence.

CLAMM recorded Disembodiment over two days during their third international tour at the renowned Katzwijm Studio in The Netherlands, a peaceful retreat that once served as a flower farm. This serene setting contrasts sharply with the EP’s intense themes, which tackle issues like the pressures of modern society, capitalism, democracy, and materialism.

Before heading off for their fourth international headline tour in Europe and the UK, CLAMM will play a final hometown show at The John Curtin Hotel in Melbourne on June 18. Don’t miss out on this chance to see them live and experience their new music firsthand.

Get ready for CLAMM’s Disembodiment and let Change Enough energise your playlist!

CLAMM 2024 Live Dates 

Tickets on sale for UK/EU shows here

18th June | The John Curtin Hotel | Melbourne, Australia | tickets

15th July | Valkhof Festival |  Nijmegen, The Netherlands

16th July | Indiestad Paradiso | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

19th July | Bukta Tromsø Open Air Festival | Tromsø, Norway

12th July |  Moth Club |  London, United Kingdom

22nd July | Hyde Park Book Club | Leeds, United Kingdom

23rd July | The Cumberland Arms | Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

24th July | The Old Hairdresser’s | Glasgow, United Kingdom

25th July | YES | Manchester, United Kingdom

27th & 28th July | Binic Festival | Binic, France

29th July | Binic Aftershow Party | Binic, France

30th July | Le Mécanique Ondulatoire | Paris, France

1st August | Relache | Bordeaux, France

Written by John Zebra