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Clayton Francis’ Unveils Loved Up New Single, ‘Best Friend’

Solo singer/songwriter Clayton Francis has unveiled his romantic pop ballad, Best Friend. The fuzzy new track follows from his previous successful single, Parachute, which has racked up an impressive number of streams.

Through ‘Best Friend’, Clayton Francis presents a tender pop ballad that joyously commemorates the enchanting inception of a budding romantic journey. The song stands as a heartfelt tribute to his beloved wife, a constant companion since the days of high school sweethearts over a decade ago, and encapsulates the profound bond that has flourished between them.

“‘Best Friend’ is a love song that romanticises the exhilaration of a new romantic relationship and pays tribute to my wife, who has been my best friend since our high school days,” – Clayton Francis.

Infused with his fervent vocals, Clayton Francis adeptly conveys his deep affection and reverence for his life companion within this poignant and motivational pop composition.

Best Friend stands as another noteworthy addition to his extensive collection of singles. Since the unveiling of his debut single in 2019, each subsequent release has gracefully amassed over a million streams collectively, cementing his position as a prominent figure to monitor in pop music. His prior offerings, ‘Find My Way’ and ‘Parachute’, has garnered considerable acclaim, earning coveted spots on Apple Music’s Pops and New in Pop playlists.

Clayton Francis’ loved-up new single, Best Friend, is available everywhere.


Written by John Zebra