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cln Teleports To ‘The Other Side’

It’s been nothing but a steady incline for cln—the Brisbane-born producer. A slew of EPs and now, with a recent signing to French influencer record label, Kitsune, cln has dropped a new track titled, The Other Side.

Signalling a small shift in his acoustics, cln wanted to make a track that defined the human element that makes cln what it is. While electronic music sometimes feels distant and impersonal, cln’s work—both with this new single and his previous track, Switch Gears—has a special closeness to it.

I’d rather make what comes naturally than put myself into a box. That way I have more freedom and can be more honest,” cln said.

Sonically, cln continues his brash and, well, clean production methods that create a cluster of colourful imagery and Vaporwave samples. cln’s use of space in The Other Side is what makes this track speak louder than anything he’s done before. Whether he’s filling it with electronic warmness or searching for the silence, cln has proven his worth has a musical technician.

cln has no upcoming shows at this current moment but we’ll keep you updated if things on that front make a change. In the meantime, stream the ultimate pleasure-maker of The Other Side below.

Written by Jake Wilton