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cln’s New Single Will Turn You To ‘Dust’

AAA favourite cln has just unveiled his second release of 2020 this week called DUST. It’s a magical super chilled journey of a tune that instantly melts you into, well, DUST.

Dust has those luscious flavours that cln has made his signature sound. Big 808 style beats, super soft day dreaming melodies and majestic vocal deliveries. Lyrically the new tune touches on some deeper thought patterns. With this world pandemic taking over the mainstream chat streams many of us have forgotten about the heart breaking bushfires in Australia earlier this year.

“When I’m not making music, I spend most of my time working on conservation research projects. I have a few different roles, but most of themare focused on birds. One of my positions involves doing survey work in remote regions, many of which were burnt badly in the recent fires. This song is a reflection on the scorched landscapes that I’ve been working on and the emotions that they provoke. It’s quite difficult to see these forests burned so badly, particularly in areas where the plants that vulnerable species rely on are now completely gone.The second verse contains a lot of snake imagery. I suppose snakes are something that you always have to think about when you’re working in remote Australian regions -so that’s probably why they were on my mind while I was writing.” –cln

Dust is available now, everywhere.


Written by Chris Lamaro