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CLYPSO Reignites The 00’s Classic, ‘Pure Shores’

Sydney indie-pop and AAA favourite, CLYPSO has recently thrown us a perfect re-make All Saints 00’s pop classic, Pure Shores. With good pal, Kilter on production duties, this was always going to be a winning tune.

CLYPSO’s take on the naughties classic has a traditional pop feel to it but with a modern twist. Featuring low kicks, bright synth work and CLYPSO’s signature ice-cream pop vibe it’s a perfect summertime companion.

“The idea to do the cover of Pure Shores actually came from a pretty unrelated conversation with a friend about legacy British bands like The Prodigy, Faithless, Underworld, The Verve, Blur, Orbital etc. How cool they were and that they were literally the soundtrack of every Danny Boyle film. This reminded me of The Beach soundtrack and the next day I listened to Moby’s Porcelain, my fave from the soundtrack, and then Pure Shores. I’d never really listened closely to the lyrics of ‘Pure Shores’ before but this time round I did, and it was quite moving. I recorded my take on the vocals and took the idea to Kilter for production, bringing this 2000 classic into 2022.” – CLYPSO

CLYPSO can add this one to her already super impressive catalogue of unique and fun vibing tunes. Pure Shores is available now, via our pals at etc etc.

Written by Chris Lamaro