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CLYPSO Returns With New Single and Video, ‘HOLLER’

Embarking on a vibrant and dynamic new phase, CLYPSO, the multi-talented vocalist, producer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, has unveiled her latest single and accompanying video, HOLLER. This release marks a bold and exciting chapter in CLYPSO’s musical journey, showcasing her distinctive sound and creative prowess.

Breaking her musical silence since 2022’s ‘Pure Shores,’ CLYPSO returns with a sonic revelation in the form of ‘HOLLER.’ This electrifying single injects a vivid dose of indie electronica into the veins, exploring themes of overcoming internal and external criticism. With additional production prowess from Wave Racer, the track bursts forth from the speakers with an energetic onslaught of eclectic percussion, pitched-down vocals that echo like a rallying cry, resonant bass stabs that hit with impact, and a maximalist fusion of laser gun synths. ‘HOLLER’ is a bold statement showcasing CLYPSO’s evolution and mastery in crafting genre-defying musical landscapes.

Accompanying the new single and video is the news of her recent signing with Astral People Recordings.

After a bit of a hiatus I’m excited to sign to Astral People/[PIAS] in what feels like a fresh era for the CLYPSO project. Even more pumped to come out of the gates with ‘HOLLER’ as my first single. It all started with a chant idea I had, “Slide the weak away” which I recorded on my phone, pitched the sample down and that set the tone for the writing of the whole song. I wrote it about silencing the noise within the mind and naysayers.” – CLYPSO.

With infectious beats and a visual feast to match, ‘HOLLER’ propels listeners into the heart of CLYPSO’s innovative sonic universe, promising a thrilling experience that solidifies her position as a trailblazer in the music scene.

Written by Chris Lamaro