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Coda Conduct’s Latest is An Ode to The Male Butt ft. Matt Okine


Ah the bum. Much can be said for the notorious buttox. Its naked presence can elicit every emotion from excitement all the way to revulsion. One especially devious bum even broke the internet. Many a man have gone crazy over a bodacious behind. It’s no secret that lady kiesters have been the subject of art, expression, and worship for thousands of years. But what of the male posterior? Where’s their recognition? Won’t somebody please think of the man buns! (No, not the douchey kind. The booty kind)

Enter Coda Conduct. Hearing the prayers of the thirsty, this hip-hop duo originating from Canberra are all about man rump on their latest track Click Clack (Front N Back). The peachy keen song is from their upcoming EP, which is sure to please more than just lovers of guy glutes. With a sound reminiscent of an Aussie Missy Elliott and the stylings of late 90s and early 2000s hip hop, Coda Conduct are bringing the boy backside to centre stage.

One half of the pair, Erica Mallet, says of the track, “I guess that Click Clack is all about giving men their time to shine in hip-hop. It’s too often that women’s booties steal the limelight…it was about time someone gave a little love to the underappreciated fine form of the male backside.”

The real star of this enchilada is of course the video, which features none other than triple j presenter and male caboose owner Matt Okine. Proceed to have your day dramatically improve from watching a wiggling Okine behind.

For anyone who wishes there was a version of Justin Bieber’s ­Sorry video that had an all-male dance crew, your dreams have been realised. With one of Sydney’s best dance crews dropping it low all over the place, you’ll be feeling just like Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers.

And in case you were wondering, the peach bling is custom made by Sydney jewellers Haus of Dizzy.