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Colour Machine Employs Punk’s Enthusiasm & Velocity On ‘Laughing Last’

Colour Machine

Yielding an unrelenting urgency of punk rock power, the hurling comet of Colour Machine—the Adelaide three-piece—have surprised again with their defiant new track, Laughing Last.

It’s been a long, yet rewarding, journey for this band, having last released their last body of music—their debut EP—back in 2015. This year, however, they’ve let loose on new material with the release of two equally explosive singles back in July, Maverick and 21st Century. Laughing Last, the final part to this single trilogy, is the strongest taste of their forthcoming EP, ‘Strengthen My Hands’—to be released October 19.

Instantly, the brazen and unique vocal chords of Anthony Donato booms forward. And would you believe he’s also the drummer? Yeah, not many other bands can hold that title. Donato’s vocal versatility is incredibly impressive, which interlocks with the rest of the band’s wailing guitar and bass bridges. Not to mention his hugely technical drum fills that are sure to leave any music lover dumbfounded.

Laughing Last is all about adrenaline—it’s terminally catchy music played with punk’s enthusiasm and velocity. Throughout its four minutes, the band refuses to ease up, with their foot placed firmly on the acceleration. Colour Machine’s contagious thrill in their breakneck rock is truly powerful.

Stream Laughing Last below.

Written by Jake Wilton