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Crazy Christians Ruin Something Fun… Again!

Jam fest photo

Satan-worshipping leather-laden hell-raising metalheads attending a festival in Georgia (the country, not the U.S State) the other day were left disappointed when it was shut down after a group of angry Christians stormed the festival grounds.

The JAM Fest, held in the capital of Tbilisi, was the target of the conservative Christians, led by several priests who incited violence against festivalgoers. This lead to the venue’s power being cut after 30 minutes of music.

Festival organiser Vladimir Unanyants spoke with local website Netgazeti about some of the crazy things that the festival were being accused of, such as “having a mass sex orgy”. The local Christian parish claimed the festival was desecrating a nearby cemetery, and demanded it be shut down.

A more likely reason for the Christians’ anger was that they couldn’t afford their own tickets, and in true style decided that if they couldn’t headbang, no one could. But that’s just a theory…

Jinjier, a Ukrainian metal outfit due to play that day, explained via Facebook why their set was cancelled:

“For the first time in several years, Jinjer’s performance was cancelled today due to an attack by a group of religious fanatics. Tbilisi JAM Fest was disrupted because a nearby monastery didn’t like it. The priests brought an angry crowd of extremist supporters and attacked the festival area!!! It is sad to realise that in Georgia, a country that appears to be civilised, religion has more power than the law.”

The story isn’t all bad however, as organisers of JAM Fest said in a statement whilst the first day of the festival experienced major disruptions, they managed to find an alternative venue for the second day.

“Those were weird but extremely important days for all of us, but we did it, Disrupted 1st day of the Festival, haters, fanatics, urgent search for an alternative venue, 10-hour long music marathon and happy end. Anyway, it seems that things are being changed for the better. More ppl start to go out of the darkness,” said a statement.

The JAM Fest incident has been the latest to involve ultra-conservative Christian groups in Georgia. The groups have previously targeted events they deem to be dangerous to the country’s typically conservative values. So watch out headbangers, your local metal festival could be next in the firing line of this hell-bent Christian gang!