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The Courtneys Shine In Latest Single “Silver Velvet”


Who needs Courtney Cox, Courtney Love, or even Kourtney Kardashian when you can have sweet grunge-pop trio The Courtneys and their latest single Silver Velvet? Packed with early 90’s fuzz and feel-good vibes, the single is a promising sample of the Vancouver group’s upcoming second studio album ‘The Courtneys II’.

Silver Velvet begins with sharp guitar strum and builds into a lively number with a chugging bass and twangy guitar bringing it up to speed. The track thrives on a light, cheerful tune, a strong contrast to the emotional lyrics, “And nothing you say/ Nothing you do/ Can stop me from thinking about you”.

Frontwoman Jen Twynn Payne’s powerful vocals capture the essence of challenging long distance relationships, the lyrics describing how her thoughts are ruled by a partner she can’t physically be with. Over the crooked guitar strums and loud drumming, Payne’s vocals steal the spotlight.

The trio’s working combination of heartfelt lyricism and cheerful indie-pop grunge makes Silver Velvet the perfect tune for summer. Let’s hope The Courtneys make their way back to ‘Straya real soon!

The Courtneys’ sophomore album ‘The Courtneys II’ is set for release in February 2017. In the meantime, check out Silver Velvet below!