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Premiere: Coyle Girelli Reveals Accompanying Visual For His New Single, ‘Museum Day’

Embodied with an enchanting aura, the freshly released single Museum Day is a captivating masterpiece by Coyle Girelli, the talented English troubadour hailing from New York. This delightful composition weaves together a tapestry of whimsical emotions and fleeting moments, providing a glimpse into his forthcoming album. Exuberant and brimming with positive energy, Museum Day unveils its vibrant essence through a visually stunning music video, pulsating with abstract passion and showcasing the irresistible allure that defines Coyle Girelli’s artistry and today we have the joy of being the first to bring you the viewing of the dynamic and nostalgic video.

Under the expert direction of Jon Danovic, the visionary behind captivating music videos for renowned artists like Phoenix, Lady Gaga, and Andrew WK, the visual representation of Museum Day blossoms into a joyous celebration of Coyle Girelli’s whimsical charm. With skillful finesse, Danovic masterfully harmonizes the track’s motifs and lively elements, allowing Coyle’s enchanting persona to shine brightly and infuse the video with an elegant allure.

“I’d previously worked with Jon on my videos for Do You Wanna Dance and Here Comes My Baby,” shares Coyle of the Museum Day music video, “We filmed it in Los Angeles, and it also features Ukrainian actress Nina Podolska. For the video we went with a more abstract thing that creates a feeling; A collection of images and moments that are playful but also have a kind of tension, similar to the feeling of the song.”  – Coyle Girelli.

A wonderful addition to an impressive catalogue of tunes, the accompanying video to Museum Day wraps up the visual perfectly.

Written by Chris Lamaro