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Create Your Own Fantasy Video Game Q & A: Be’lakor

Be'lakor Press Shot 2016

Melbourne melodic death metal outfit Be’lakor have dropped a new lyric video in support of their upcoming fourth studio album ‘VESSELS’ and national tour. We asked the five fierce fellas to explain the plot to their ultimate Be’lakor-made video game and what to expect from their upcoming live shows.

Give us a quick synopsis of your ultimate fantasy video game?

I reckon it would have to be based on one of our songs. All of our songs tell a story, and some would make pretty cool video games. In Venator a man is hunting a wild animal, but ends up being eaten by it. In Abeyance the main character goes and visits a shaman in order to drink a special liquid that is meant to help bring back youth.

However, something goes wrong, and he is taken all the way back to a point before he was born… and then there is In Parting where two birds are separated shortly after birth, and one bird then spends the rest of his life searching for his brother. It’s a tough call, but I’ll go with ‘Abeyance!’

Who’s the hero?

The hero is the main character of the song – the man who drinks the potion.

Who is the villain?

I guess the villain is the potion, or perhaps the shaman. Or maybe time itself!

What does the game’s landscape look like?

The game’s landscape is a grim mountain, with the distant sound of chimes and the smell of burning parchment. Our hero must first make the journey to the top of the mountain to find the shaman.

What’s is the final mission or quest to complete the game?

The final mission is to find an escape from the void that the hero finds himself in after winding back the years to a point before his birth…he hangs suspended in Abeyance, with a vague sense that he is neither dead nor living, striving to reach the light above.

What’s the scariest, most intense part of the game?

As he is drawn back, he realises that things have gone terribly wrong. He sees himself passing through the years of his youth and then falls through into nothingness.

Are you releasing it on Nintendo 64 or is it arcade only?

This game has got to be Nintendo 64 exclusively. It would sit nicely alongside Goldeneye 64!

For the uninitiated, how do you describe Be’lakor’s sound and live shows?

Our live shows are hopefully moving and intense – the power of the music is amplified (excuse the pun) in the live setting.

We’re loving your latest single An Ember’s Arc, what’s the inspirational story behind the song?

That track really tells the start of a story that the album as a whole then continues through to its conclusion. It traces the birth of light in the Sun and its journey to Earth.

Lastly, what are three things people should know about your new album ‘VESSELS’?

  1. The second track, An Ember’s Arc, describes the journey of a photon to Earth. It takes roughly 8:20 for such a journey to take place. The song’s length is no coincidence.
  2. There is a very special guest vocalist hidden on the album.
  3. We hope fans will find it to be our best album to date!

Be’lakor ‘VESSELS’ National Tour

Factory Theatre, Sydney
The Basement (Metal Fiesta), Canberra
Crowbar, Brisbane
Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Fowler’s Live, Adelaide
The Rosemount Hotel, Perth

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