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Cross Atlantic Duo Paradox & ReFlex The Architect Turn It Up To 11 On Their Latest Collaborative Jam, ‘What It’s Like’

Enter the vast and interesting world of Paradox and ReFlex The Architect. A cross Atlantic duo that have recently dropped their 5th collaborative release, What It’s Like. They have a knack for producing music that set them apart and pushes the boundaries of hip hop.

What It’s Like is not just another rap tune. Broken jazz style beats with swirly samples and some real flow reminiscent of the old school make for a new style tune with a classic touch. With elements of familiarity to The Pharcyde and some production similar of that to of DJ Shadow, I’m blown away I’ve just come across these fellas only now.

This latest wonder comes with some extra helping hands from Ozay Moore And Boog Brown. All lyrically and flow talented the track pushes the storyline of some deeper issues. “What It’s Like” tackles the rampant sexism and racism of modern culture, encouraging listeners to broaden their perspectives, especially regarding those we most perceive as “Other.” A deep suggestion and one to ponder as you listen through all 5 minutes and 31 seconds of this epic tune.

What It’s Like is available now, everywhere.


Written by John Zebra