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Crossing The Mexican Border Q & A: Mexico City

Mexico City Press Pic

It’s been a while between drinks for Brisbane trio Mexico City, seven years in fact since the release of their sophomore album ‘Brown Bird’. The self proclaimed garage country rockers are back with their third studio album ‘When The Day Goes Dark’, which features odes to their hometown as well as string arrangements and female voices alongside their acoustic guitars a surfy rock. We threw the trio a few questions about how they’d go about crossing Donald Trump’s soon-to-be Mexican wall and their latest album.

Would you dig a tunnel, hide in a car, or steal a plane to cross in America?

I don’t know why we’d be doing any of them, but maybe hide in a car? We’re way too lazy to dig a tunnel (took us seven years to release the new record) and stealing a plane seems kind of hardcore.

Would you be open to becoming a drug mule?

And shove a condom full of amphetamines up my arse? No thanks, but Adam (vocalist) might go for it.

If you had to impersonate an American citizen, whose identity would you steal?

God I don’t know. Let’s say Ronald Regan, because…I like alliteration?

What would your plan be if you got caught?

Get caught impersonating a dead politician? Well he was kind of a zombie most of his political career so I’m not sure too many folks would notice to be honest.

What’s the first thing you would do once you made it across the border?

I dunno. Sit in Woody Guthrie’s hospital room and sing him all his old songs.

Which American city would you most likely relocate to? 

Is Tulsa a city? That’ll do because I just heard Neil Young sing about it and it sounded kind of interesting…

Your lead single Down At The Beach is a catchy surf-rock number with a touch of Mexican standoff. What was the inspiration behind it?

The Cronulla race riots of 2005. After more than 10 years it’s still hard to believe they happened…

It’s been seven years since your last album, how does ‘When the Day Goes Dark’ differ to your previous releases?

The new record is probably a bit mellower than the previous one (‘Brown Bird’, 2009). A few of the songs were recorded live to tape with acoustic guitars up in Mt Nebo, so it has a more strung-out kind of feeling.

You’ve got quite a few Brisbane tour dates coming up, are you planning any overseas adventures for this year?

We would love to but it’s all about ‘the benjamins. So nothing planned in the immediate future but we’re open to anything!

Mexico City Live Dates

URBAN ROOTS @ The Back Room, Brisbane

The Bison Bar, Nambour

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