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Crowded House Announce New Album, ‘Gravity Stairs’ and Reveal Video for ‘Oh Hi’

Following on from the release of their latest single ‘Oh Hi‘, ARIA Hall of Fame luminaries Crowded House have just announced their eighth studio album ‘Gravity Stairs‘ – out FridayMay 31 via a new deal with BMG. The announcement is joined by an accompanying music video for ‘Oh Hi’.

Produced by the band with Steven Schram (Paul KellySan Cisco), ‘Gravity Stairs’ shows Crowded House in its current incarnation — Neil FinnNick SeymourMitchell Froom, and Finn’s sons Elroyand Liam — as sharp as ever, feeling musically adventurous, and still capable of reaching the staggering highs that have made them an international favourite.

It’s the act of climbing those figurative “gravity stairs”, inspired by a heavy stone staircase near where Finn vacations, that he likens to his mindset as a creator. “It’s a metaphor for getting a little older and becoming aware of your own mortality, your own physicality,” Finn says. “Things are getting a little harder, and there’s more determination needed to get to the top, but there’s still the same compulsion to climb them.”

The album announcement is joined by the charming music video for lead single ‘Oh Hi’ – out FridayFebruary 16. The clip follows a young child, superimposed with Finn’s face, singing the track as he dances and expresses himself with the freedom and creativity innate in children. The track’s lyrical themes, inspired by how much we can learn from children, meld effortlessly with the video’s celebration of expression and imagination. Finn adds, “I love the way kids dance; I wish I could move like that. This fanciful video by Frank and Beans Pictures is about as close as I’ll ever get.”

From joining his brother Tim in the New Wave favourites Split Enz to leading Crowded House to his numerous solo efforts, Neil’s varied body of work is connected by his knack for penning meticulous, indelible melodies and impressionistic lyrics that demand multiple listens. It’s earned him devoted fans all over the globe, an Order of the British Empire honour, and induction into the Australian Recording Industry Association‘s Hall of Fame.

‘Gravity Stairs’ will be available worldwide on Friday, May 31, via BMG
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Written by John Zebra