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CXLOE Reveals New Single ‘No Service’ and Announces Debut Album, ‘Shiny New Thing’

Celebrated Australian pop sensation CXLOE has hit us with the news today that she plans to unveil her highly awaited debut album, Shiny New Thing, slated for release on May 17. This album promises to be a compelling odyssey, delving into the essence of self-preservation and celebrating the inherent complexity of artists without sacrificing authenticity to conform to the allure of becoming the next ‘Shiny New Thing.’ With a meticulous curation of tracks that showcase CXLOE’s dynamic range and artistic vision, the album stands as a testament to her evolution and is poised to affirm her position as one of Australia’s most captivating musical talents.

Accompanying this exciting announcement is CXLOE’s latest single, No Service, an enchanting anthem pulsating with raw emotion and contagious energy, offering a glimpse into the sonic landscape that Shiny New Thing is set to explore.

Fueled by a mesmerising combination of a glitchy beat and compelling lyrics, No Service seamlessly merges the realms of pop and electronica, exemplifying CXLOE’s distinctive talent in creating music that strikes a chord with listeners on a profound level. The track’s atmospheric production, coupled with its poignant storytelling, creates an immersive experience that transcends genres.

I wrote this song about my experience when I first moved to LA, a time where I so desperately wanted to have a handle on things as everything around me was in flux. I was completely thrown off balance by everyday intricacies such as work life balance, down to the mundane weather patterns. Sonically, I aimed for the song to feel unstructured, similar to spinning wildly in search of a rhythm or something substantial to grasp. Despite being a dedicated introvert, this move exacerbated my difficulty in comfortably ‘hanging out’ in conventional settings. The lyrics, “I can’t hang out, I’m floored inside, and I’m building a case against my life with white knuckles on a stationary bike,” come closest to encapsulating this feeling. In those moments, going off the grid, both literally and figuratively, seemed like the safest haven.” – CXLOE.

In the symphony of anticipation, CXLOE’s latest single No Service not only serves as a captivating preview but also a tantalising gateway into the forthcoming debut album, “Shiny New Thing,” promising an auditory voyage that transcends boundaries and establishes CXLOE as a trailblazer in the realm of multifaceted musical artistry.

No Service is available now, while her debut album, Shiny New Thing is set for release on May 17th.

Written by Chris Lamaro