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CXLOE Reveals New Single, ‘Shapeshifter’

Australian indie pop sensation CXLOE is back with a bang, dropping her latest single, Shapeshifter, fresh off the heels of a successful European and UK tour supporting Griff. Set to be featured on her highly anticipated debut album, Shiny New Thing, slated for release on May 17th, “Shapeshifter” offers a glimpse into CXLOE’s multifaceted artistry.

Shapeshifter embodies the essence of fluidity in identity and my refusal to be pinned down! I wanted to write something empowering that makes people feel untouchable when listening/dancing to it.  There’s an undeniable allure in maintaining an aura of mystery and keeping some cards close to your chest…there’s something so sexy about being out of someone’s grasp. I also wanted to make light of the struggle I face, and many other dedicated introverts, when in social situations we feel we have to morph into something we’re not just to cope. I find myself having to be a chameleon in many aspects of my life and wanted to write a song that would give me and others a boost of confidence to make it out alive!” – CXLOE.

The album, Shiny New Thing, promises to be a captivating journey exploring the preservation of identity in an ever-changing world. With each track meticulously crafted to showcase CXLOE’s dynamic range and artistic vision, the album is poised to solidify her status as one of Australia’s most exciting musical talents.

Shapeshifter serves as a testament to CXLOE’s ability to seamlessly blend infectious pop melodies with introspective lyricism, further cementing her place in the indie pop landscape. As anticipation mounts for the album release, fans can expect a sonic adventure that celebrates authenticity while embracing the complexities of the human experience.

Written by John Zebra