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Daemon Pyre Drop Brutal New Single “Misanthropic Parallels”

Daemon Pyre Press Shot
Sydney’s aggressive metal outfit Daemon Pyre have released their new adrenaline pumping single Misanthropic Parallels. The song is follows the release of their self-titled album in January which has received plenty of praise in Australia, Europe, and America.

“Misanthropic Parallels is pure head banging heaven.”

The song is a really brutal piece, with no sections showing any room for sympathy. The lead guitar sections soar over the top of the simplistic but heavy rhythm chords and the relaxed bass riffs. The drummer’s double kicks pound hard throughout the song, and the lead vocalist seems to constantly be in your face (in a good way). Misanthropic Parallels is pure head banging heaven.

The single is a tale of a young misanthrope who struggles to reconcile her hatred of humanity, in which shares the same air, walks the same earth, and is the same animal to those that she loathes.

The quintet spent much of 2015 touring around Australia, as well as headlining a tour of Indonesia. They currently have a long list of upcoming gigs about to be announced as well as writing and recording their follow up release. Daemon Pyre are an extremely busy band to say the least…

Catch Daemon Pyre on Saturday 27th at Sydney’s The Bald Faced Stag.