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DAMIEN and Rabbit Reveal Sonic Alchemy In Remixed Masterpiece, ‘Nowhere’

Ipswich alt-electronic artist DAMIEN has received the ultimate compliment over the summer break in the form of a dream collaboration with US industrial duo Rabbit Junk for his track, Nowhere, which was taken from his recent album, Candidate For The Abyss.

Brooding with haunting moods, Rabbit Junk have taken the track and added elements of liminal and soft horror, resulting in a commanding listen that will resonate with fans of music with a darker edge.

DAMIEN and Rabbit Junk are recognised for their ability to traverse the intricate tapestry of alt-rock, each carving a distinct path within the genre. DAMIEN, known for their genre-blurring expertise, seamlessly weaves elements of pop and darkwave into their musical tapestry, creating a unique sonic experience. Meanwhile, Rabbit Junk explores the uncharted territories of what I would describe as electronic goth, demonstrating an avant-garde approach to sound that captivates experimental music enthusiasts. Together, these artists contribute to the vibrant and ever-evolving landscape of alternative music, where the amalgamation of genres is accepted and celebrated.

DAMIEN was always a big fan of Rabbit Junk’s work, and Nowhere’s fate was moulded via a simple Instagram message one day asking if they’d be interested in remixing the track. To DAMIEN’s surprise, the pair responded almost immediately with eagerness to give Nowhere their special touch.

‘I was pretty surprised and impressed by the final remix, to be honest, I was expecting something more uptempo and maximal, akin to most of Rabbit Junk’s existing work, so when I heard the remix I was completely blindsided by the spacious and cinematic feel. It was unexpected and awesome!!’ 

‘It feels like something that belongs in a cyberpunk video game or even a Marvel Movie. It’s simply epic!’DAMIEN.

In this collaboration, Nowhere stands as a testament to the shared commitment between DAMIEN and Rabbit Junk in pushing the boundaries of alternative rock, creating an immersive sonic journey that invites listeners to explore the uncharted realms of musical innovation.

Written by Chris Lamaro