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Dani Teveluwe Walks Us Through Her Brand New EP, ‘Into The Deep’

Gold Coast (Yugambeh Country) based First Nations musician Dani Teveluwe (pronounced ‘tee-va-loo’) is set to captivate with her spirited and soulful take on acoustic-pop with her debut EP, ‘Into The Deep’, out September 2. Today Dani is walking us through the EP track by track.

Double Shot.

Written from a place of understanding.  Understanding someone’s trauma, their unresolved shit, and realising, that though it isn’t right, that’s why a person who should love you, should care for you and be kind to you, isn’t.  Writing this song allowed me to have more compassion and empathy for some people in my life who were unkind, and it allowed me to break those cycles, choosing to act with respect and compassion instead.

Waiting, Wasting Time

The moment I realised the ‘perfect time,’ doesn’t exist.  You and only you decide when that time is.  We can change at any stage of our lives and this was me taking charge and honouring I am the creator of my own life and destiny.  Will you buy that ticket overseas?  Put yourself out there and say, ‘I love you.’  Quit your job and follow your dreams.  It looks different fir every single one of us, but we all feel it.  That change we want to make, but is also the one that scares us, challenges us.


Is it about love, or addiction?  You can decide.  When I first wrote the track I leaned on my roomies new found, all-consuming love.  That beautiful love bubble new love first exists in, where nothing else in world seems to matter but them.  However the more I played the song, the more I performed to it, I began to see the shadow to the like.  The addictive-like nature of fresh romance.

Sweet Summer Nights

In 2019 I spent 3months in Europe through summer.  Travelling and partying and exploring with new found friends.  Just months prior to that I had been through the ringer.  My five year relationship had broken, we split, sold our house, he quit our band, we shared pets, it was quite an unraveling, however it gave me so much freedom.  I had let go of a life that was never meant for me and finally embraced what I wanted.  I felt as though fate and destiny had intervened and given me the European summer trip I had always wanted (and needed to have.). I also realised how beautiful life is when you flow with the current of life instead of fight it.  SSN is a celebration of partying through the European Sumer and living in flow with life.

Are We Gonna Wake Up?

A call to action.  WHEN are we gonna wake up and realise every single one of us must take action if we want to make this world better?  WHEN will we acknowledge the power we have?  The power to learn, to take action, to choose?  WHEN will we realise that we are all one?  The Earth, the animals, the trees, the oceans and every single human being.  We are all one, we are all the same.  And WHEN will we set up and start making positive changes in our world, and become empowered and responsible caretakers of Mother Earth?

You’re Love

A letter to my past school students.  Remember how wonderful you are, how brilliant, how kind, how smart, how brave.  See yourself through my eyes.  I know you are amazing, and I love you just as you are, a perfectly imperfect human being.  Know that you are loved.  You are loved so much, and know that real love isn’t conditional, doesn’t require you to change.  Real love loves you exactly as you are and know that you are, and always have been, real love.  You, like every person in this world is love.

Into The Deep is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra