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Danny Brown Gathers Rap A-Team, But New Track “Really Doe”Is Anticlimactic


Photo from Music Feeds

The three big names in hip hop, Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt, and Ab Soul, have united with Danny Brown to make Really Doe, the latest single off of his upcoming album ‘Atrocity Exhibition’.

Kicked off by Danny himself, the track has some cool steady production giving it a solid bass line that has you tapping along. Danny spits some fast bars, but after his rapping in Pneumonia and When it Rain his part in Really Doe is…anticlimactic. The lyrics themselves are also something else with lines like, “Mouth all on my genitals/ Suckin’ on it like she gettin’ vitamins and minerals”. 

Ending with “I done made it out the hood/ think I’m goin’ back/ wish a mother f**ker would”, he hands it over to Ab Soul who has some really succinct lines making it really catchy. The hook features Kendrick singing, “Yeah, they say I got the city on fire/I ain’t boomin’, that’s a goddamn lie, woah/Really doe, like really doe/Really doe, like really doe”. 

Kendrick Lamar spits some fire lines as well helping bring the track together before Earl Sweatshirt takes over saying, “Good, hood/I wish you motherf**kin’ would/Listen, wish a motherf*ker would, Brown”. The instrumentation gives a solid tempo but is really basic, as it’s essentially just percussions with an overlapping triangle sound.

Overall it’s a pretty catchy tune that seems to get better with a few listens despite being vaguely offensive, check it out below!