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Dave Is A Spy Smuggle You Inside Studio Footage In New Video

Dave Is A Spy
Brisbane’s Dave Is A Spy have dropped their top secret music video for their single Sleeping Car. The video features clips of the recording sessions for the song’s production, and gives an inside eye of the band as they lay down the track.

Sleeping Car is a classic bubbly Brisbane indie-pop track, the kind of feel-good music you should always start your day grooving along to. Its simple upbeat rhythms, ska-inspired chorus, warm melody, and overdriven guitar-work sees the song the falling into the sonic territory somewhere between Ben Folds and vintage Cloud Control. It’s a winner through and through!

Sleeping Car is about the feeling of meeting someone that you know you just click with, having uncertainty and nerves about it but at the same time kind of understanding that everything will be alright,” said frontman Fin Taylor.

Dave Is A Spy could be described as an up-beat Australian Folk-punk band with an indie streak, almost Smith Street Band meets Ball Park Music.

Checkout the for Sleeping Car below!

Dave Is A Spy Live Dates

Tatts Hotel, Lismore

Milk Factory, Brisbane

Written by Max Higgins