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A Day At The Beach Q & A: Georgia Fields

Georgia Fields

Melbourne’s high priestess of disco-pagan pop Georgia Fields has released her latest single Open Orange, featuring art-pop multi-instrumentalist Phia and her trademark African Kalimba. We asked the songstress how she likes to hit the sand and surf, and why you should be looking forward to her new album ‘Astral Debris’.

When you’re at the beach do you prefer to lounge on the sand or take a dip in the ocean? 

It really depends on the beach. When I was staying on the coast of Columbia, it was all about the water. If it’s Port Lonsdale beach circa November 2011, then I prefer to do naked yoga on the sand. I mean, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Chicken salt on hot chips, yes or no?

What even IS chicken salt? None for me, thanks. I’m a regular salt n vinegar gal.

What’s your favourite Beach Boys song?

God Only Knows. I have childhood memories of spinning my Dad’s 7” single of this song until the vinyl deteriorated on the turntable right before my eyes – I was OBSESSED with this song. I could recognise this archetypal longing, this sadness, mixed in with that massive, joyful pop refrain. I couldn’t figure out what the song was about, but there was something about God, and love, and not wanting to live anymore, and a really great accordion sound, and I just wanted to lie at the feet of whoever was singing and cry my little 8-year-old eyes out and then watch ‘The Little Mermaid’ (I had an oceanic theme going on).

What’s your favourite beach food?

Milk, thistle, and rabbit’s blood. But only under a full moon…

For sun protection, do you prefer a big sun hat or a bucket hat?

I generally just go for sunblock because it’s hard to wear a hat when you’re doing naked yoga.

What’s the trick in building the best sandcastle?

Milk, thistle, and rabbit’s blood. 

In what situation is it ok to kick a kid’s sandcastle down?

I would say, never. Unless they were being a d*ckhead, in which case, go to town!

For the uninitiated, how do you describe Georgia Fields’ sound and live shows?

Pop songs, power stances, tambourines, glitter, dusty casiotones, shimmering omnichords, a cordless drill, whisky-soaked piano balladry, sweeping strings, a kiss with a stranger in a doorway, Moog oscillation segues, a secret whispered into a box of sultanas, and then thrown recklessly out of a moving convertible…Your new favourite band!

We’re loving your latest single Open Orange feat. Phia, what’s the story of inspiration behind the song?

Thank you! I wrote it about the vulnerability of a new relationship – that exciting, (sometimes terrifying, sometimes exhilarating) feeling of being unwrapped and discovered by somebody. It’s kinda like my love letter to really, really great oral sex. Art-pop multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Phia features on Open Orange, that’s her Kalimba you can hear from the intro.

Despite both being from Melbourne, we met randomly at an open mic night in Paris back in 2011 when I was roaming around Europa, and Phia had just relocated to Berlin. We stayed in touch over the years, and when my producer Tim Shiel suggested getting Phia on this track I jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with her! She has a formidable intelligence, a bright and effortless spark of creativity that springs from her soul, and is a delight to watch on stage. 

Lastly, what are three things people should know about your upcoming album ‘Astral Debris’?

  1. I recorded some of it with electronic producer/composer/wunderkind Tim Shiel, some of it with a string quartet, some of it at home, and some of it in the big room at Sound Park Studios in Northcote.
  2. It’s best served with milk thistle and rabbit’s blood.
  3. It comes out on Friday 26 August.

Georgia Fields Single Launch

The Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne