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Dekleyn Continue To Impress With New Single ‘Who We Are’

Australian duo Dekleyn have returned with a brand new catchy treat in the form of their latest single, Who We Are. The new track touches lyrically on the subject of mental health and the sense of vulnerability that comes with almost every releastionship.

“This one is a coming of age anthem which delves into the mental state and vulnerability of modern-day relationships. The lyrics address the current issues with individuals changing everything about themselves to draw closer to others romantically.” – dekleyn

Who We Are was produced, recorded and mixed in their home studio where they played around with a variety dance music sounds that are quite new to the dekleyn vision.

“When listening to this track we can’t help but lose our bodies to the uplifting beat and we hope it makes the listener feel the same way.” – dekleyn 

Who We Are is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra