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DENNIS Unveils Her New Single, ‘Stuck In My Ways’

Rising Gold Coast artist DENNIS. is today thrilled to release her new single, Stuck In My Ways – a heart-on-sleeve account of moving in with a partner for the first time. DENNIS. says:

“‘All your fears and worries suddenly are thrown in your face and there is nowhere to hide. However in my experience you realise that your new home is not so much about that four letter code and how you fit into this new world together, instead your home is the person you share this new way of living life with.”

Underpinned by a timeless groove and pulsing beat, ‘Stuck In My Ways’ sees DENNIS. showcase her soulful vocals atop a delightful indie pop instrumental. 

To celebrate the release, we asked DENNIS to share with us her favourite all time tunes! There are some gems in there!

Questions – Middle Kids

I had been waiting for this recent album to drop for months! I can tell you I’ve had this particular track on repeat for hours, the build, Hannah’s raw vocals and those horns they get me every time. The track is a journey and no matter how many times I listen to it consecutively I feel something different each time.


A little Street Where Old Friends Meet  – Nat King Cole

Now this has been a very accidental but wonderful surprise. My radio in my car has been randomly jumping to the classical station and this song came on and I have been non-stop listening too all those classic tracks, this by far is my favourite though. It honestly makes me feel that giddy feeling of being in love and stuck in a Disney film at the same time.


What Took You So Long – Emma Bunton

I recently travelled to Stanthorpe to shoot some content and we visited this old time pub that just kept playing all these goodies. This track came on and oh boy did I feel like I was 14 again, jumping on my bed and dreaming about my crush. Emma had a very good point but sadly my crush took way too long to realise I was the one..


Sympathique – Pomplamoose & John Schroeder

I have Sloan Peterson to thank for this beauty! She had posted a little video on her story with this track as the soundtrack and I then pumped all of Pomplamoose’s music while I showered for the next week. Its super sweet and innocent so it sounds… I’m not sure what she is singing about but I have started to learn French just so I can sing a little on my next track and to also find out what she was singing about.


Crybaby – Asha Jefferies

I was lucky enough to hear this track premier on the radio on my way back from Brisbane. I instantly connected to Asha’s voice, I mean who doesn’t. She sings with such emotion and her lyrics as just so true.  This is definitely my favourite line.

‘It never feels likes it could be quite over, cold blooded, long going emotions”

This track I feel is also slightly a little more “produced” compared to some of her older music and I think Aidan has done such a good job of blending Asha’s authentic style with a few more pop productions tricks. Definitely another great track to cry too or just be happy and sing along to.


DENNIS’ brand new single, Stuck In My Ways is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra