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Devil For A Day Q & A: The Kill Devil Hills

The Kill Devil Hills

Fremantle rockers The Kill Devil Hills have become highly regarded purveyors of rock angst, writers of fierce poetry, and have the swagger of a band on top of their game. We asked the gloomy fellas how they’d go about being Satan for 24 hours and what you need to know about their f*ckin’ awesome live shows….

If you could play one of your songs in an inappropriate situation without repercussions, which song would you play and where?

I feel like we’re always playing our songs in inappropriate situations, isn’t that the point of being in a rock band?

You can crash one party in history, which party is it?

I would have liked to crash my meth-head bogan neighbours’ party last weekend, with a large spiked and armoured bus…

If the Kill Devil Hills were the cast of ‘Scream’ who would be the killer, who would be the survivor, and who would die horrible deaths?

Not a Wes Craven fan, but if it were a Dario Argento bloodfest then we’d all be virgin ballerinas sacrificed to the great witch-queen, ‘because that’s how innocent and sweet we all are.

For the uninitiated, how would you describe the Kill Devil Hills’ sound and live shows?

Cacophony – kəˈkɒf(ə)ni/ -noun: a harsh discordant mixture of sounds.

We’re loving your track In On Under Water, what’s the inspiration or story behind this song? 

Thanks! It’s a list of things that originate in, on, under, or near water…try it, you can make most things fit that criteria, sometimes with a twist of logic…

Lastly, what are three things people should know about your upcoming Australian tour? 

​1. ​We don’t tour Australia that often.

​2. ​We’re a f*cking amazing live band.

​3. ​You may get hit by an amateur freefall skydiver the day after the show, so you’d better come and see us.

The Kill Devil Hills ‘In On Under Near Water’ Tour

Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide
Factory Floor, Sydney
Republic Bar, Hobart
FRI 26 AUG 26
Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane
The Curtin Hotel, Melbourne

Get Tickets HERE

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