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Devin Townshend Project Launches Ambitious New Single


Devin Townshend is hailed as a living legend by the wider metal community, and deservedly so. For years now, Townshend has pushed the boundaries of metal’s sound, using progressive instrumentation and outside influences to form his own unique sound.

Some fans would even go as far as to label him the David Bowie of heavy metal (though others believe comparing him to Frank Zappa would be more appropriate). The release of the lead single from his upcoming album ‘Transcendence’ has therefore caught the full attention of the metal community.

Failure marks another fresh output from Townshend, and his first since 2014’s double album ‘Z2’. The key features of Townshend’s sound remain, including interesting guitar work, a unique drumming style, and dramatic symphonies backing his dynamic vocals.

Judging by the cover artwork of ‘Transcendence’, the album’s lyrics will discuss elements of spirituality and existence. As each Devin Townshend album is written to express different aspects of his personality, it can be expected ‘Transcendence’ will be a new body of work for fans to enjoy.

“The result of this process is a record that I truly think the intention of is special” he says of the album. “I ‘found’ gas to put into the tank and am glad I did. I think the intention, the theme, and the participation of everyone involved allows this album to act like a fulcrum between the past few years and what I intend to do next with the symphony. I am very proud of it and everyone involved.”

Devin Townshend’s 24th album, ‘Transcendence’ is set for release on Friday, September 9th.


Transcendence cover