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Dhani Harrison Reveals Second Solo Album, ‘Innerstanding’

Dhani Harrison’s latest creation, ‘INNERSTANDING’, is his first solo album in six years and reveals ten new tracks that defy conventions and push beyond genre constraints. This fusion of electronic experimentation, organic instrumentation, and evocative vocals weaves a captivating tapestry, inviting listeners into a realm where sonic landscapes unfold unpredictably and purposefully.

Opening with ‘Dangerous Lives’, the track is marked by eerie pianos and robotic vocals. The interplay of organic and electronic elements and delicate string ornamentation establishes an enigmatic atmosphere that sets the stage for the auditory adventure that follows.

‘New Religion’ follows, introducing assertive electric guitars entwined with synths, underscored by Graham Coxon’s soaring vocals. The track pulsates with sub-bass and screeching guitars, showcasing a dynamic and intense sonic palette. Electronic vocal manipulation in the bridge adds an experimental layer to the composition.

In ‘Ahoy There!’, long, melancholic pads and synths provide a canvas for Leila Moss’s expressive vocals, creating a euphoric ambience. The interplay of guitar melodies and a crunchy snare drum adds emotional depth, offering a poignant contrast to the preceding tracks.

‘La Sirena’ emerges as a standout piece, featuring organic piano sounds adorned by synths. The track seamlessly navigates vocal manipulation and electronic influences, transitioning from a rising melody to a rhythmic groove. The instrumental bookends emphasize the exploration of diverse soundscapes.

‘Damn That Frequency’ features call-and-response dynamics among various instruments and Harrison’s expressive vocal melodies along with seamless harmonies. These elements are coupled with dynamic shifts in the arrangement, contributing to the track’s uniqueness and allure.

‘The Dancing Tree’ pulses with energy, driven by a dynamic synth and Mereki’s sultry vocals. The marching pulse adds urgency, creating a vibrant and immersive sonic experience that sustains momentum.

‘The Right Side Of History’ introduces reserved vocals against an open soundscape, gradually building in intensity. Layers of harmonies and fierce guitars contribute to a slow-burning crescendo, leaving a lasting impact on the listener.

‘Ghost Garden’ opens with a leading guitar, pulling back the tempo to create tension. The evocative vocals maintain interest, showcasing the album’s ability to navigate diverse sonic territories with finesse.

‘I.C.U’ seamlessly aligns with the album’s overall vibe, adding to the sonic tapestry without retracing familiar ground.

The closing track, ‘Wolves Around The City’, serves as a culmination of the album’s key qualities. Sparking mechanical synths, crashing drums, and Mereki’s emotive storytelling create a powerful conclusion that resonates with the album’s thematic depth.

‘INNERSTANDING’ is a masterful creation that beckons listeners to immerse themselves in its intricate musical landscapes. Dhani Harrison’s seamless blending of genres and experimentation with sonic textures results in an album that not only entertains but also invites introspection. Each track contributes to a cohesive narrative, making ‘INNERSTANDING’ a compelling and rewarding listening experience.

Written by John Zebra