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DIET. Drop Fun Video For “Life Limbo” ft. Victoria Bitter


Time to scoot down to the closest BP and grab a bag of ice for the esky ’cause DIETS. music video for Life Limbo will leave you wanting to grab your mates, have a few VB’s, and play some barefoot bowls.

Life Limbo is DIETS. third single off their upcoming EP, with it’s name and release date set to be announced super soon. Despite the happy-go-lucky vibe this track possesses, Life Limbo is about being in a period of life where you’re between jobs and fumbling around with minimal cash-in-hand.

Frantic and upbeat guitar melodies a’plenty, this track compliments the vocal talent of Ben O’Loughlin with the echoing shouts of ‘Life limbooo!’ throughout.

Victoria Bitter, Butt grabs, and bowls, Life Limbo follows lead singer Ben O’Loughlin straight from his slumber, to the loo (featuring a cheeky butt-tatt slip), and all the way to the Hawthorne Bowls Club where a tournament is held.

After a victorious win, the DIET. boys douse themselves with beer, flip the other team off, and receive a white headdress and a trophy. Y’know, just your typical lawn bowls experience…

Giving off major ‘Crackerjack’ vibes, DIET. have released a fun music video that gives praise to cheap beer and ‘bowls with da boys’. Accompanied by a beaut of a track that most 20-odd’s who are also just scraping by can relate to…maybe it’s in the beer, but DIET. have delivered an absolute belter.

Check out the beer drenched music video below!

DIET Album artwork