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Disasters Q & A: Mathew Hyland from Little Earthquake

Little Earthquake

Sydney duo Little Earthquake are currently tearing up the road on their ‘The Lines OF Symmetry’ tour. Known for blending indie-pop with a multitude of genres, the siblings Mathew and Justin Hyland are set to get Sydney and Brisbane crowds bopping and grooving along to their latest single Honest. We asked Mathew about how he and his brother would cope in a myriad of catastrophes and what to expect at their upcoming shows!

Out of all intense types of disasters, which do you think Little Earthquake would have the best chance of surviving?

Viral Pandemic, my fiancé owns a radionics machine.. We’d save some zombie ass, no trouble.

What three items would you not be able to leave home without in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

  1. 1.Wine, you know why…
  2. 2. Baseball bat- If a zombie gets too close before we heal them, we’re playing ball.
  3. Some organic bananas
  4. The radionics machine…but that’s four, So…damn it…I guess we’ll lose the bananas and eat zombie butts.

Would you rather have Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson or Jeff Goldblum to save you in an intergalactic disaster?

The Rock! Dwayne’s our dude, straight up! Grew up watching him on WWF [he’s a] terrible actor…a great example though of someone manifesting a great life for themselves though, a motivation champion!

Little Earthquake just hit a massive iceberg and your cruise ship has sunk, who would be sacrificed as the flotation device?

Juzzy, he has the longest carrying capacity (laughs).

The end is nigh and you’re at a Hollywood bash with your celeb mates, who’s in your end of the world party crew?

Well, Shia LaBeouf, so we can take a selfie. James Franco, so I can pretend to be Seth Rogen and recite Pineapple Express lines with him. And Drake, I had a dream twice, that we were homies and collabed on a track…it’s got to be a reality to have him spit fire while it’s all coming to an end.

Would you prefer to surf a tsunami or a Mexican wave?

Mexican wave, I’m scared of sharks! I’m not scared of much, but sharks really freak me out. I mean I love them, they rule, and I’m a huge supporter of protecting them. But I don’t want to be anywhere close to one (laughs).

You’re given a time machine to go back and prevent one single disaster, which one do you go back and warn people about?

Metallica forming, you know why…

For the uninitiated, how do you describe Little Earthquake’s sound and live shows?

A massive, f*cking huge sound! Energetic, positive, uplifting, rocking, warm, hot sex, intimate, inviting. We love playing! I’m looking forward to dancing with everyone.

We’re loving your latest single Honest, what’s the story behind the track?

I reached out to Nick Littlemore (Empire of The Sun) directly and asked that we connect, to create music that will assist in the global shift of consciousness. He resonated, agreed to meeting, and mentioned had been told through the ether that we’d be contacting him.

Lastly, what are three things people should know about your upcoming East Coast tour?

1. We’re playing Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane!

2. If you come see us at the merch desk and mention you read this interview, we’ll give you a free hard copy of Honest with B-side Waking Up With Nothing.

3. We have friends from bands called Elliot The Bull and The Cops playing in the live band, if you haven’t heard them, they’re amazing check them out! If you have, you’re already as pumped as I am, and online buying tickets. See you guys at a show!! Don’t be shy, say hello! That rhymed…I’m going to leave it…

Little Earthquake ‘The Lines OF Symmetry’ Tour

Factory Floor, Sydney
The Milk Factory, Brisbane