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Discover Yonder At Brisbane Street Arts Festival 2017

Yonder 2017

Come along to a night of audible tactility under the crafted roof of the Tivoli, located in the heart of the valley! Yonder will feature performances from a number of emerging Brisbane musicians, visual art exhibitions and live painting activations.

The pop-up event was curated by the Brisbane Collective and the Brisbane Street Arts Festival to give emerging Brisbane artists a platform. It will be an experience like no other, riddled with illusion between the realms of sight and sound.

Yonder is described as “a place that many know, a place few have seen. A place that many wish to discover and explore, where magic and mayhem coalesce to create a wonder that many say only exists in dreams. Some say it is a place that lives somewhere between this world and the next, a limbo not of lost souls but of found dreams. This place is where you come to find the one, or many as you step into an alternate yonder of sensory symphonies that render your fleshy being useless as your soul meets its true destiny”.

Are you intrigued yet? We certainly are. Find ticket information and the trailer for Yonder below!

Yonder at Brisbane Streets Art Festival 2017

The Tivoli, Brisbane

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