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DMA’s Melt Our Hearts, Do It Better Than Cher For Like A Version


Every few weeks triple j’s Like A Version throws up a corker of a cover. Y’know, a great band playing a song you’d never think would work in their own signature style and yet sounds sooooooo good. This week Sydney’s DMA’s once again cemented why they’re one of Australia’s best new musical exports with an incredible stripped-back cover of Cher’s 1998 late-night dance floor filler Believe.

Armed with just two acoustic guitars and a voice that just cuts straight through to all your feels, Johnny Took, Matt Mason, and Tommy O’Dell made Believe completely their own. As always, Johnny Took is DMA’s the song’s anchor, providing the no-frills but absolutely crucial soft guitar strums to give frontman O’Dell the platform to deliver a heart-felt rendition of the song’s ‘I really don’t f*cking want to feel love for you anymore’ lyrical theme.

O’Dell’s voice has never sounded better, and to be honest blows Cher’s auto-tuned vocals right outta the water. Known for his wall-of-overdrive lead guitar tones, Matt Mason provides some simplistic and almost delicate lead guitar work to perfectly compliment O’Dell’s passionate delivery and the song’s ballad vibes.

Fans of DMA’s already know how good their more acoustic tracks can be, such as their mega amazing song Delete and So We Know, but their cover of Cher’s Believe has to be one of their best songs to date. #sorrynotsorry

Even though the Sydney trio have just wrapped up a short national tour (check out our live review of their Brisbane show HERE), you can catch them at several festivals over the Summer. Check out the Like A Version cover and upcoming festival dates below!

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DMA’s Upcoming Live Shows

Spilt Milk Festival, Canberra
WED 28 – SAT 31 JAN
Falls Festival, Lorne VIC
Falls Festival, Marion Bay TAS
Laneway Festival, Auckland NZ
FRI 17 – SAT 18 FEB
Mountain Sounds Festival, Central Coast NSW

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