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Dolly Dagger Unleashes New Single, ‘Tower’

Amidst the turbulent landscape where uncertainty reigns supreme, Dolly Dagger emerges as a fearless warrior, wielding her sonic sword with unyielding determination in her latest alternative/dark pop single, Tower. With each electrifying note and haunting lyric, she deftly navigates the shadows, confronting the darkness head-on and igniting a musical revolution unlike anything the world has seen before.

Prepare for an electrifying return to the Melbourne music scene as the acclaimed artist, who initially soared from Australian roots to establish herself in the bustling realm of Los Angeles, announces her triumphant homecoming. Accompanied by a spellbinding, self-directed music video steeped in myth and intrigue, this homegrown talent is set to ignite stages with a series of exclusive live performances.

Drawing inspiration from a year marked by trials of character, self-discovery, and trust, Tower delves into the depths of human experience. Referencing the symbolism of the tarot card, the track encapsulates themes of growth, liberation from burdens, and the journey towards higher realms of existence.

“We all have those moments in our lives where we make it out the other side of something impactful or that changes us and making it out is one thing, letting it go and reclaiming your power or confidence is a whole other challenge. This song presented as real opportunity to vent but I didn’t want to give any more power to the past so instead of repeating it negatively, it was important to me that the lyrics depicted what I did about it and how I recovered from it or how I felt pulling myself out of it not as a victim but as a victor of my own self and identity.” Dolly Dagger.

Tower and its accompanying video stand as a poignant testament to the power of resilience, transformation, and the unyielding spirit to rise above adversity.

Upcoming Shows
April 14 – Little Lucy’s Lounge, Sunbury VIC | All ages 4pm – 7:30pm
June 3 – Whisky A Go Go, Sunset Strip LA

Written by John Zebra