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Donna Amini Shares BTS Diary for Single, ‘Pilots’

Sydney’s, Donna Amini recently unveiled her remarkable second studio album, Other People. The release of this album signifies a captivating evolution in Amini’s songwriting style. As she navigates toward a fresh and innovative creative era, Other People serves as a testament to her distinct and proven songwriting prowess. This album is poised not only to reaffirm her presence among long-standing fans but also to captivate the attention of new audiences, showcasing Amini’s ability to craft music that resonates across diverse musical landscapes.

In November, the lead single from the album, Pilots, took centre stage with a mesmerising music video. Directed by Shahane Bekarian and filmed at the vibrant Good Loco in Marrickville, Sydney, the video not only complements the sonic allure of the track but also adds a visual dimension that enhances the overall experience. The synergy between the music and the captivating visuals creates a harmonious narrative, enriching the audience’s connection to the essence of Pilots.

To celebrate the single and album, Donna has shared with us an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the video for Pilots.

Suited up. Hat sourced from an op shop in Newtown. Suit jacket found on gumtree by Shahane. Tie bought online. It took Shahane and I weeks to piecemeal all the parts to my costume.


‘Good Loco’ is a very cool studio with a white cyclorama. As in, the back wall was concave, like a skate ramp!

Left to right: Shahane Bekarian, Donna Amini & Matthew Syres. We had such a fun day!

The contrast of the black suit on a white backdrop was one of the visual effects we were going for. We had intention to make the video very choppy, so this black on white look with the strobe-like visuals was bound to work a treat.

Another shot of ‘Pilots’ final video edit day, with Shahane.



In the symphony of sound and vision, Pilots serves as a compelling overture to the album Other People, beckoning listeners into a realm where Donna Amini’s musical evolution unfolds with captivating narratives and a melodic embrace.

Written by John Zebra