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DOOLIE Returns With Commanding New Single, ‘Cut You Off’

Back stronger and bolder than ever, now Melbourne-based alt-pop songstress, DOOLIE is back with her latest single, Cut You Off.

Revitalized and exuding newfound strength, the Gold Coast songstress, now based in Melbourne, demonstrates her versatility by seamlessly fusing pop, R&B, and electronic elements, all while infusing her heartfelt lyricism into the track. The irresistible hooks and unforgettable chorus of Cut You Off serve as a courageous anthem, symbolizing the reclamation of power and liberation from toxic influences during one’s formative years.

Cut You Off was written at a pivotal time in my life. Surface level, yes it’s a breakup song. On a deeper level, it’s about the realisation of how easy it is to slip into something that feels so comfortable and realising it’s not right for you. Comfort is not key.  It feels like I’m at the beginning of my twenties and with a new sensation of independence. The question went from “who am I?” To “this is who I am” The track is about harnessing myself-worth, it represents the beginning of my independence journey.” 

“Cut You Off is ultimately about realising I was caught up living someone else’s life, and how easy it was to lose myself. I could feel my identity slipping away. I want this song to be the push that people need to choose themselves, prioritise the life they want. I want my listeners to feel comfort in being uncomfortable. We’ve all been here, and this song is going to hold your hand an help you through.”  – DOOLIE.

A wonderful return to form for the talented young artist, Cut You Off show’s us all that DOOLIE remains on of Australia’s brightest sparks within her realm. The new track is available now, everywhere via etcetc music.

Written by John Zebra